Hiring a qualified bookkeeper is an important step for any business. This person is responsible for keeping the company financially in control, knowing what money is coming in, going out, and needed to run the business on a daily basis. There are some important things your business needs to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining the books, and the person you hire must also keep those same things in mind. Having the business and the bookkeeper on the same page is imperative to keeping the books maintained.

The Type of Experience You Want in a Bookkeeper

When it comes to hiring a bookkeeper with experience, you want to look for two things in the right combination. First you want someone that has the most amount of years you can afford to pay. However, the years must be in the right industry to be relevant. That is the second thing you must pay attention to—where the bookkeeper has worked should play a part in the hiring process. If you hire someone with 10 years in the wrong industry, you may find the person does not understand the nuances of your business as well as you would like or need.

The Importance of Good Education for Bookkeepers

While there are some bookkeepers that do not have a formal education but are so experienced it may not matter, this is definitely the exception and not the rule. You want to find someone who has gone through some type of formal education process whenever possible. The more accounting or business training the person has had, the better of a fit they will be for your business.

Ideally you are looking for someone with formal training, years of experience, and experience in an industry similar to the one your business is in. If you cannot afford someone with all three of these at the highest level, you will need to decide which of these traits are most important to your company, and look for a bookkeeper that will fit.

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