Bookkeeping services can go above and beyond bookkeeping software.  Many small business owners have a hard time deciding if they should manage their company’s accounting needs themselves or pay the extra money to hire bookkeeping services.

Software can make bookkeeping easier; however it still can be quite time consuming.  Accounting practices and tax law become more complicated year after year.  It can be difficult for an individual to stay on top of all of the constant changes while managing their business.

How Bookkeeping Services Can Help Your Business

Not only will bookkeeping services free up your time so that you are able to attend other important manners within your business, but they also frequently catch errors that were previously missed.  A trained bookkeeper can reorganize the finances of your business so that everything is clearer and easier to read.  When it comes time to file taxes, having everything in order makes it much easier to meet deadlines and avoid penalty fees.

Bookkeeping services will handle day to day financial tasks to help keep your business on track.  This includes making sure that new employees fill out the right paperwork, paying bills, handling invoices, and much more.  A bookkeeper can also help you manage and track expenditures which can help you see where you need to make cutbacks.

Cost of Bookkeeping Services

Depending on your specific needs, the cost for bookkeeping services can vary.  Some companies only need a bookkeeper for a few hours a week.  Larger companies that have more transactions and accounts to manage may need a full time bookkeeper.  Hourly, bookkeeping services cost between $15 and $60 per hour, depending on location, workload and experience.  When a part time bookkeeper is spending two to three full days working and not able to keep up then it may be time to consider a full time bookkeeper.

It is important to keep in mind that the cost of having bookkeeping services should be calculated against how much time it is freeing up for you to handle other aspects of your business.  Also, a trained bookkeeper can save significant amounts of money on errors and late penalties.

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