Credit card processing is a complex process that involves handling complex and sensitive data. As such, the choice of which credit card processing business to use is one that requires serious consideration of the factors involved. Here are five things to consider when selecting a business to do your credit card processing.

Is the Credit Card Processing Company Stable?

One of the worst mistakes you can make is selecting a credit card processing business that has not been around for at least a few years. In the event the credit card processing company folds up, you might find yourself without an adequate backup. Worse yet, you may lose some of the funds that were being handled at that point.

Consider a company such as Marlandale, LLC. Marlandale is stable and established, and you can find out more information by calling (972) 905-4627 to get a better picture of the company’s health and longevity.

Does the Credit Card Processing Company Tell You About All the Hidden Costs?

Some credit card processing companies are straightforward and honest about all the fees you’ll pay. Others only tell you about those fees as you incur them. You want to be sure that the credit card processing company with which you do business is of the former category. So check to see if the contract mentions anything on the matter.

Credit card processing can be costly enough as it is. You don’t need to sign up for a business that is going to keep hitting you with surprise fees every time you turn around. By reviewing the contract you can get an idea of whether everything is being disclosed up front or not.

Marlandale, LLC, allows you to read the contract you’ll be signing before you sign it. This ensures maximum transparency and helps you to know that you are being treated fairly and honestly. Call Marlandale at (972) 905-4627 for more information on all the costs and fees associated with processing your credit card payments.

What Kind of Security Does the Credit Card Processing Business Utilize?

A credit card processing company is nothing without adequate security. Keep in mind that as part of the credit card processing process, extremely sensitive data is transmitted from point to point. As such, you must be sure that your credit card processing company uses the proper security protocols to protect this data. Otherwise, you may end up with unhappy clients at best, and a lawsuit at worst.

Marlandale, LLC, uses the latest technology to ensure safety of client and consumer data. When you use a company like this, you can rest easy at night knowing that your customers are protected, and so are you.

Ease of Contact is a Must!

A credit card processing business that makes it difficult to contact them if you have a question is a problem waiting to happen. Ideally, your credit card processing company will offer you a single, reliable point of contact. That way, if you have an issue, you know who to call: no going through a complicated decision tree to determine which person at the credit card processing company should get your call.

If you are having problems with your credit card processing process, you will want answers fast. Every hour that the problem persists can mean lost funds for your business. As such, you need a credit card processing business that will work with you and make it easy for you to get in touch when you need to.

Are the Merchant Statements Simple for You to Read and Understand?

When it comes time for you to get your bill, you want something that you can look at and interpret without needing an advanced degree in business or contract law. Further, you want to be sure that your costs are on a par with other industry players, and you need to be able to interpret the merchant statement to do that.

All these points can be a lot to think about. And indeed, making the choice of which business you will use for your payment transactions is a serious decision. That’s why it’s best to take your time, do your research, and consider all your alternatives. Above all else, you should insist that the company you choose meet a minimum level of competence in these, and other, points.

So take your time, ask questions of the companies that you are considering, and take a look at the client satisfaction of each business you consider. You don’t want to sign on with a terrible company just to save a minimal amount of money. In the end, those few dollars you save can end up costing you far more in headaches and inconvenience.

For a great credit card processing company that meets your needs, contact Marlandale, LLC at (972) 905-4627 today!