Business finances have the power to make or break your small business, depending on how they are handled.  Small businesses are typically created because their entrepreneurs have an idea, or a drive to create or do something.  Often times, however, these small business owners are unfamiliar with how to manage their business finances and credit for their small business.

Securing Credit for Business Finances

Cash flow is believed to be the number one problem facing small businesses.  Many entrepreneurs use their own assets and cash to establish their business and keep it running.  By being proactive and managing business finances carefully you can help your small business have positive cash flow and stop taking money out of your own pocket.

Establishing good credit is the gateway to securing better financing.  The second most common reason for the failure of small businesses is insufficient or delayed financing.  Without the financing to cover the essentials and keep your business running, you may be risking the failure of your business.  Carefully managing your business finances to pay all of your business bills on time can help improve your credit rating which will lead to greater opportunities for better financing.

Having access to lower interest rates makes it easier to get the supplies that you need for your business to thrive.  Banks will be able to offer you larger loans with lower rates.  The lower interest rates free up more money for your business.

Using Credit in Your Business

If you decide to extend credit to your customers, you will want to first look over your business finances to determine if offering credit is going to hurt your small business.  Be aware of the credit ratings of your customers in order to determine if you are comfortable taking the risk of offering them credit.  By avoiding customers who pay slowly and offering better credit terms to your trustworthy customers you can help increase your cash flow.

Identity Theft and Business Finances

It is important to always keep an eye on your business finances and be on the lookout for any signs of identity theft.  If you see anything suspicious on your credit report you will want to investigate it immediately.  Credit fraud and identity theft can wreak havoc on your small business finances.

If you have any questions about monitoring or using credit for your small business, please call us at Marlandale LLC.

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